Five Harsh Chemicals To Avoid In Beauty Products

Many of the chemicals used today in skin care and cosmetic items are getting attention due to the negative effects it can have on our skin and wellness. Below are 5 chemicals you should avoid in your beauty products.


Parabens are used as chemical preservatives in large amount of beauty products such as creams, hair shampoos, foundations and other items. Over the past few years there has been a massive argument whether parabens are risk-free to use or not. Some believe too much quantity of direct exposure to parabens might result in breast cancer, however some suggest that everyday cosmetic exposure to parabens does not cause you any harm. Everyone’s skin responds in different ways depending upon numerous chemicals and skin type. If you want to be cautious, you can definitely discover many items without parabens.


Among the active ingredients that are challenged whether they are safe to use is sulfates. You are probably using sulfates each day. They are in variety of products from tooth paste to cleansers to foaming cleansers. There are different types of sulfates, however the ones that are utilized most typically are salt lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Sulfates strip away beneficial moisture, aggravating the skin. Some believe it is fine in small amounts, yet others claim it can cause cancer when integrated with other materials or is warmed.


Phthalates are utilized in cosmetics as lubricating ingredients. You can discover these in products such as nail gloss, creams, shampoos, hair sprays, toys, detergents, and various other items. They are understood to be endocrine disruptors that are linked to breast cancer as well as reproductive birth defects in men and women. Phthalates are recognized to have some possible effects on hormones too. However, this is included in many “fragrances” so it is tough to spot in products.


Why is fragrance bad for your skin? Fragrance is primarily a blend of fragrant extracts from natural as well as artificial ingredients. Utilized in virtually 50% of beauty products, it in fact has a large number of unknown harmful chemicals. Without knowing, scent can aggravate skin, have poisonous hormonal impacts, and may even trigger cancer cells. It might smell amazing, yet it can lead to not-so-fabulous impacts on your skin and wellness. As an option, search for natural scents that are free from fragrances.


Formaldehyde is a colorless, combustible gas. Used extensively as chemicals in skin care and cosmetics, it is generally in nail polish, make-up, creams, and antiperspirants among things. Short term exposure can create skin irritability, difficulty in breathing, watery eyes and also shedding in the nose when breathed in. Additionally, according to The International Agency for Research on Cancer, formaldehyde is identified as a human carcinogen. If your work, such as nail artist, beauty parlor stylist, requires you to be exposed to copious amount of formaldehyde, make sure your work environment has ventilation or windows to ensure that you can minimize direct exposure.

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