Top 3 Drones For Beginners

Regardless of your budget if you want a starter drone that can give you a terrific flying experience, you’ll need to get an overview of the available drones. Drones or UAVs come in all sizes and shapes from toy-like quadcopters to big, industrial sizes. Typically as a beginner you will want a more affordable quadcopter that won’t cost a fortune if it gets damaged or flies away.

The affordable mini drones usually come without a camera, and since they are relatively inexpensive you can concentrate on learning how to operate it. The flight time is usually less than 10 minutes. They typically don’t have any kind of special features. If you want drones that are a bit larger, they might also have a cheap video camera. They can provide an incredible flying experience, take some photos and video clips, however you can’t expect excellent video. The trip time is generally rather brief, around 10 mins for most models. A few of the budget starter drones have functions like turns and 3D rolls, however they generally do not have the even more innovative safety attributes of commercial drones.

DJI Spark

The DJI Spark features innovative technology, such as motion control and even facial recognition. The camera on this little thing is serious too, you can get some amazing video clips out of it. The videos are really simple to modify and share. This drone is also really easy to fly, even if you have never flown a drone ever before.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

The Phantom 3 Criterion from DJI could look like a pricey alternative for a beginner, but taking into consideration that it is very easy to manage and fly, difficult to crash, it makes it a fantastic option for any type of beginner with the budget plan. The video quality is exceptional and also the gimbal supported the video effectively.

SYMA X5C Explorers Drone for Beginners

The Syma X5C Camera Drone is an exceptional beginner drone that executes better than what you would anticipate at the price level. It is truly fun to fly, and can perform flips while airborne. It can be flown both inside and outdoors. Don’t anticipate fantastic videos, as this is even more of a toy drone. It also comes with a HD camera, and a 2GB flash memory card.


This drone is an enjoyable and an easy newbie quadcopter with a video camera. This is a good selection if you are trying to find a toy-grade drone to shoot some videos for fun, and the quality of the video is not that essential. The drone has a 640×480 pixels camera. It is not a premium quality camera but you can get some suitable shots and video clip.

Hubsan H501S X4 Drone for Beginners.

The Hubsan has some really great functionality and the costs makes it enjoyable for newbies. On the controller you see the real-time video feed, so you can see precisely what the electronic camera is seeing. You can also utilize the drones follow me mode, and let it follow you when your run, bike, browse and so on. Having a drone that can follow you allows you to shoot some actually awesome action videos.

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